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Secret Army : Selected poetry of Marie J Woodland
Edited by Pam Woodland
x + 30 pp.; 6"x9"
First edition, © 2009
$7.00 + postage

23 poems

Marie Woodland always had the heart of a poet. These poems, written between 1974 and 1984, were created during a difficult period of adjustment back into the work force and single life following the breakdown of her marriage. More than anything else they are a tribute to Marie’s strength, endurance, and poetic vision.

Minutes have been grabbed from me
One by one, and the hours
Slide into the ocean like seals.
When I look straight up,
The stars
Seem to be falling sideways.
I can think only of the smell of rain
On my hands
After I have touched you.

Just after dawn, the river exposes
Its wound, and I cross a bridge
In love with its own reflection.
“Brothers,” I shout,
“Tell me who moved the river.
Where can I find a good place to drown?”
I find the river.
Just an old wall lying down,
Covered with pictures.

Marie Woodlnd