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I Went Down to St James Infirmary by Robert Harwood

I went down to St James Infirmary: Investigations in the shadowy world of early jazz-blues in the company of Blind Willie McTell, Louis Armstrong, Don Redman, Irving Mills, Carl Moore, and a host of others and where did this dang song come from anyway?
2nd edition, 2015
by Robert W. Harwood; xii +
258 pp + x; ©2015;
ISBN 978-0-9809743-3-1 (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-9809743-6-2 (pdf)

PRICE: $29.95 CND plus postage
For more information or alternative for purchase, please see the website or Amazon.

  Barry Macleod, The Tugwell Years

The Tugwell Years: Selected letters of Barry Macleod, 1978–1986 — 3rd edition
Edited by Doug Lang and Pam Woodland, with an introduction and photographs by James R Page
xviii + 198 pp; ©2009; 3rd edition, ©2012, revised and expanded. More photographs, new letters.
ISBN 978-0-9809743-2-4
For more information or to purchase please see the author page.


PRICE: $20 CDN, plus postage

Jeff Harwood, Some Family Stories

Some family stories: Life in a Yorkshire village
by Jeffrey Harwood
xii + 98 pp; ©2009
Gift edition, privately published
Not for sale

  Marie J Woodland, Secret Army — Poetry

Secret Army: Selected poetry
of Marie Woodland

by Marie J Woodland
vii + 30 pp; ©2009
ISBN 978-0-9809743-2-4

PRICE: $10.00/CDN, plus postage

Margaret Harwood, Friends of the Forest Friends of the forest
by Margaret Harwood
viii + 78 pp; ©2009
Gift edition, privately published
Not for sale
  Carroll Klein, Bee Purple — Poetry

bee purple
poetry by Carroll Klein
xviii + 48 pp; ©2006
ISBN 0-9780241-0-9

PRICE: $10.00 CDN, plus postage

SLScott, Temple in a Teapot

Temple in a Teapot
by S.L. Scott
vi + 50 pp; ©2010
Chapbook for private distribution.
Not for sale


On Wing, Branch, and Post | Notebook — Birds of Southwest Saskatchewan, 2013
photographs by Robert W Harwood Revised and expanded, 2013, 115 pgs. Over 45 species, full colour; notebook.
Preview and purchase this book through Blurb for $27.95 CND