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Not Just Words:
Sexual Abuse and the Canadian Justice System

Patricia Stewart and Wayne Porte
x + 170 pp.; 6"x9"
First edition, © 2015 Patricia Stewart
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In 1999, Patricia Stewart, reporter with the Georgina Advocate, attended a poetry reading by Wayne Porte. This led to a life-long friendship. Pat came to learn more about the sexual abuse Wayne suffered as a child and the events that shaped his poetry. They decided to collaborate to tell Wayne’s story of his abuse, quest for justice, and road to recovery.

Not Just Words: Sexual Abuse and the Canadian Justice System consists of two parts:

Part One, Sexual Abuse, chronicles Wayne’s childhood, through his years of abuse and beyond. His agonizing descent into shame, anger, and self-revulsion lead to years of alcohol and drug abuse, damaging his health and personal relationships.
Shame and fear prevented Wayne from confiding in anyone. Friends and family, unaware of the abuse, were mystified by his subsequent behavioural problems. Wayne’s poetry, which he started writing at an early age, before he was abused, became an outlet for hidden feelings.

Part Two, Justice, focuses on their efforts to find justice for the abuse Wayne suffered. This journey took them through the police system, the legal and judicial systems, and the counselling and medical systems.

Before Wayne’s story could be told, however, Pat and Wayne confronted an unexpected block. The publication ban that was put in place to protect abuse victims from the intrusion of the press, inadvertently served to protect the victimizer, preventing Wayne from telling his complete story. Overturning the ban was finally achieved after a lengthy and difficult process.

Now, at last, Wayne’s full story can be told. Here he shares his experience, strength, and hope with others who have suffered as he has. He stands as an ex­ample of recovery in progress.

As an outgrowth of Wayne’s journey, the authors share information about the resources they discovered and that were not easily available — resources they hope can help others as well.

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Patricia Stewart moved to Val Marie, Saskatchewan in 2001. Born in Toronto, Pat lived near Lake Simcoe, Ontario, where she raised her family and worked as a journalist for the Georgina Advocate. Her interests include writing, photography, music, and horses.

Robert Wayne Porte spent his childhood in the small Ontario town of Jackson’s Point before moving to Toronto. Wayne has written poetry since grade four, a passion giving him focus throughout the years of turmoil following his sexual assault.

The proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help survivors of child abuse.

To purhcase a copy of this book, please
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